Monthly Archives: August 2021


Today in Daisy room, the children have enjoyed developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they attempted threading. The children demonstrated focus as they really tried to feed the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners. The younger children enjoyed exploring the cereal whilst the older ones began to use their index fingers and thumbs to grasp the Cheerios before putting them onto the pipe cleaners.

Tinned tomato play

On Monday we enjoyed tinned tomato play in Daisy room. The children were a little unsure of this new sensory tray at first but soon got involved and enjoyed feeling the texture of the tomatoes as they played.

Mini beasts

This week in Tulips we have explored Mini Beasts following on from there being lots more around nurseryWe have taken part in a variety of activities which included Spider biscuit makingMaking bug habitats using our everyday resources Ice and jelly play rescuing bugs that are frozenWe made edible worm pies for our pudding Painting bugs using different techniques We have had a different bug story everydayWe are very excited to be waiting for our caterpillars to arrive so we can watch them turn into butterflies

Edible slime

On Thursday we had great fun exploring edible slime/play dough in Daisy Room. The children were a little unsure at first as it did appear very sticky and stretchy but they soon got into it and enjoyed squeezing and squashing the dough. Also, it was perfect for the little ones as it was completely edible so no nasty ingredients if they were to put it into their mouths! A mixture of marshmallows and cornflour (plus a little amount of vegetable oil to help the marshmallows melt) and a splash of food colouring.