Monthly Archives: January 2021

Firework night

Daisy room have had lots of fun this week making their own fire work pictures and doing different activities linked with bonfire night. Today we made our own chocolate apples to take home and also had fun making our own pretty firework pictures!

Poppy Day

We will remember! Yesterday in Daisy room we made a poppy sensory tray for the children to explore and we got to practise our physical motor skills too as we used spoons and our hands to scoop and pour, as well as filling and emptying! We also made some Remembrance Day pictures too using our hands with a lovely poem for us to take home.

Fake snow

Today we have been playing in the ‘snow’ in Daisy Room. We put shaving foam on the table with glitter and then covered it in cling film before letting the children explore. They enjoyed patting and squashing the shaving foam and leaving their handprints behind as they pressed their hand into the ‘snow.’

December crafts

Today in Daisy room we have been decorating our own felt Christmas tree! The children enjoyed exploring the different decorations and placing them onto the tree! We have also been doing some more Christmas crafts!

Rain display

Bluebell room’s new display is looking really good! Lots of bright attractive lights for the babies to look at and enjoy! We chose to add the umbrella to our frog pond birthday board! ☔️🌧🐸

Democracy learning

This week we have been talking to the children about DEMOCRACY! The children have demonstrated really good listening during circle times where we have been talking about how we all have a voice and our voices are all equally important. All our opinions, ideas and choices are important and need to be considered to make things fair. To show how we can incorporate democracy into preschool we have been using our voting people to make choices and vote for what we would like. Each child has a little person and we have been taking turns to vote for our favourite story by placing our person in the basket. We then count how many votes each book has and work out which one has the most votes.