Monthly Archives: October 2020

Vegetable tray

We have had so much fun in Daisy Room this week. Michelle has been working on a display to celebrate all different parts of the world so this week we have been exploring different fruits and vegetables. We loved exploring the vegetables on Tuesday and using them to make marks in paint. On Wednesday we explored cous cous using our hands and tools which was so much fun! Julie mixed some with water and left some dry to introduce different textures and on Thursday we tried different fruit during morning snack. We tried pomegranate and coconut, along with lime and grapefruit. We also had fun exploring the grated carrot with different vegetables in, using our hands and maybe even tasted a little bit.

Celebrating holidays

Today in daisies we have been very busy using some chalk pens on the mirrors drawing lots of shapes and around our faces. Then this afternoon we have had some cereal play with spoons and bowls, to see who could fill up the most. This quickly turned into lots of mess and we all took our socks off to crunch them with our toes. We have also managed to squeeze in a bit of apple printing to celebrate a Jewish holiday coming up.

Walk to Christmas tree farm

Tulips had a lovely walk around the Christmas tree farm where we picked conkers, acorns and Christmas tree branches. We also had a go on the swing in the tree the children enjoyed listening to the sounds around us and investigating their natural world.

Finger grip play

Today in daisies we have been making a lot of mess practicing our pincer grips (thumb and finger strength). We got lots of toilet paper and encouraged the children to rip it all up. This quickly turned into wrapping each other up and throwing it into the air. What a mess 😊. Later on we’ve had some pasta play and made some wonderful shakers.

Hidden photos

Daisy room have really enjoyed finding the animals that were hidden in the flour today. I stuck pictures of different animals down and covered them in flour and allowed the children to use brushes to discover the hidden pictures. Lots of language used and concentration as they manoeuvred the brushes.

Natural resources painting

Daisy room loved painting a variety of natural resources yesterday with Julie. She collected a number of branches and sticks from the garden and allowed the children to choose which paint they wanted to use. A great way to develop their physical skills through play. We will be looking for somewhere to hang them once they are dry.

Tooth brushing activity

Today we’ve tried a little tooth brushing activity. A couple of parents have asked recently if there’s anything we can do to help with teeth brushing as it can be a challenging time with little ones so here’s one thing we try. I laminated a picture of teeth and today we used shaving foam and encouraged the children to use the shaving foam to brush the teeth. Good for physical skills, as well as learning about teeth. We supported them in making sure each tooth was brushed, and they seemed to really enjoy getting involved. Next time we may try adding marks onto the teeth and using actual toothpaste to get the marks off. A great one for children without using the toothbrush on themselves.

Digger tray

Today in Poppy Room we have been exploring sand with a few extra ingredients. The diggers enabled the children to exercise scooping and pouring actions. The sticks and conkers were used as hide and seeks tools, whilst the lavender and cinnamon sticks added an extra sensory element for the children to investigate.

Animal beach

We have had lots of fun in Daisy room today! This morning we made a land and water animal tray for the children to explore. We used readybrek for our land and hair gel/water for the sea, before adding different land and sea animals for the children to explore. The children really enjoyed exploring the animals and some were beginning to name the animals they were playing with. We even played a bit of hide and find as we buried the animals in the ‘sand’. A great sensory activity for all, encouraging language as they played.

Dr Seuss Play House

The Dr Seuss house is coming along really well in Bluebell room! The babies have been really busy painting and decorating the house with their artwork, and colouring in some characters to peep through the windows!