Monthly Archives: April 2020


It is a difficult time for us all at the moment, but we at meadows believe that our unsung heroes are also the children! They are working so hard at nursery and are doing amazingly well at coming in happy and keeping up morale! The new little ones that have joined meadows have settled very quickly and are already a big part of the meadows family!

Thank you to our post lady!

pre school have been showing their support for our post lady today! Who is still working hard to make sure we get our letters and parcels during this difficult time! We did some lovely drawings to put out on our windows to show our appreciation and went out to wave and do some big thumbs up to her as she arrived today!

Cereal tray

we have been outside all day today in the sunshine! The little ones have enjoyed joining in with the cereal tray today! A mixture of cornflakes and Rice Krispies. We did lots of scooping and making cornflake castles! The little ones loved making crunching noises with the sieves.


what a sensory experience today with our messy trays! We’ve set up a beautiful messy tray with different habitats of animals. The children loved playing with this tray and experimenting with different animals in different habitats to see where they think they might live.

Painting with Lego bricks

The children have had lots of fun today painting with the Lego blocks. This is a great fine motor activity for children to be able to grip the smaller blocks to make marks and also linking the blocks together to make structures. The children were also very good at looking and identifying the different colours!

Painting outside

The pre school children have been doing lots of painting outside in the garden today! They used lots of colours and different tools to make different marks on the page! The sun was shining today too so the artwork dried really quick!

Cloud dough

Corn flour and hair conditioner made this beautiful smelling dough today! We added some food colouring to make different pastel colours! The children loved feeling and smelling the soft dough, and enjoyed using the different tools to cut and shape the dough.

Small world sensory fun!

we are having lots of fun around the nursery today making some different small world scenes! One was a farm made with different shaving foam and paint mixtures. The other one was a beach made with real sand and water!