Monthly Archives: May 2020

Bubble wrap painting

We had lots of bubble wrap left over from our bubble wrap feet painting, so we decided to paint it using brushes and different mark-making tools. The children loved the feel of the paint bumping over the bubble shape.

Cling film painting

We turned the table upside down today on top of another table and covered the legs of the table in cling film. We wrapped the clingfilm around the whole of the table so that the children could do some painting. This was a brilliant activity because you could really see the vibrant colours on the see through cling film. The two heights were also fun for the children to choose whether to paint standing up or sitting down.

Baking cakes

The children have enjoyed baking cakes today, they helped to measure out all the ingredients and mix it all together. They can’t wait to show their parents/ carers what they have made later and share out their cakes.

Following the line

Pre-school have been doing a dot to dot activity today but with different patterned lines. The children dipped their fingers in paint and followed the pattern with their finger to try to replicate the same shaped line.

Water tracks

It is nice and sunny out again today so we thought we would use some cars to make tracks using water on the dry floor!
The children found a car they liked, rolled it in the water and then took it to the dry floor to watch the tracks being made.


Bluebell room have been playing with the big parachute today and the balls! The little ones were good at trying to catch the balls as they flew up in the air whilst the grown ups shook the parachute!

Fairy land

The fairy’s came to visit today and they brought some magical fairy dust with them!
We all loved playing with the fairy’s and sprinkling the dust around the table! Some of the children made fairy dust cakes too.

Bubble wrap feet!

Preschool came up with a brilliant idea today which is to make bubble wrap shoes to paint with! They said it felt very funny on their feet when they were walking around! They managed to make some great bubbly marks on the paper too!