Monthly Archives: July 2021

Ice colouring

We have loved making marks with coloured ice today in Daisy room. I added different food colouring to water and made a lot of different shaped ice cubes before letting the children make marks. The children really enjoyed seeing the colours come out of the ice and some of the older ones even came out with words such as “cold” as they played.


Today in Daisy room, the children have enjoyed developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they attempted threading. The children demonstrated focus as they really tried to feed the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners. The younger children enjoyed exploring the cereal whilst the older ones began to use their index fingers and thumbs to grasp the Cheerios before putting them onto the pipe cleaners.

String painting

On Tuesday in Daisy room the children really enjoyed string painting with Katie. The children imitated the actions of Katie as she dipped the string into the paint before placing it onto the card. The children then pulled the string off of the card to see the paint left underneath. They also getting their hands messy as they explored the paint.

Tinned tomato play

On Monday we enjoyed tinned tomato play in Daisy room. The children were a little unsure of this new sensory tray at first but soon got involved and enjoyed feeling the texture of the tomatoes as they played.


Today we celebrated England! There has been so much excitement about the football recently and our amazing football team that got to the final that we thought we would base our activities on this today. We had an England sensory tray for the children to explore and we made our own England flags using finger paints. I put tape onto the card to create a cross shape before allowing the children to use their hands to make marks in the red sparkly paint. Once it was dry I peeled off the tape to reveal the England flag. The children have really enjoyed these activities.