Monthly Archives: May 2021


Bluebell room have done body painting this morning! the babies had lots of fun making marks with their hands and with the brushes!


Today in Tulips we have had a day full of chocolate activities. We had hot chocolate with our snack, chocolate play dough, chocolate sensory trays, making hot chocolates in our pretend cafe outside and had melted chocolate and banana for our snack.

Science experiments

In Daisy room we had some fun doing a science themed activity. We added mentos mints to bottle of fizzy drink and as they react, the drink begins to shoot out of the bottle. The children were really interested in watching the reaction!


Today in Daisy room we have enjoyed exploring colours using rice and the colour sorting bears. The children really enjoyed exploring the rice and some even began to show a recognition of colours as they were able to sort the bears out into the correct coloured rice.

Summer flowers

Today in Tulips we have been creating some beautiful flowers to celebrate the end of spring and start of summer. The children have made some very creative and abstract flowers.

Trapped toys

Help! Our toys are stuck! Today in Daisy room the children have been helping to release the toys that had been taped down. The children stayed focused and engaged in this activity for such a long time and really enjoyed releasing the toys. Some of the children needed a little support to begin peeling the tape off the toys but they all had a really good go and kept coming back to have another go! A great activity to develop their fine motor skills.

Muddy puddles

The best days at nursery are muddy puddle days Tulips had a wonderful time exploring the garden , the best thing was exploring the hugh puddle , it became a swamp, a chocolate milkshake and so much more One child even had a shower