Monthly Archives: September 2020

Flour and pasta tray

Bluebell room have been learning how to scoop up food using spoons! recently a lot of our little ones have been showing an interest in helping to feed themselves, so we thought this might be a nice idea to help them learn the new skill! and it was messy and lots of fun for all!!!!

Dinosaur tray

Bluebells dinosaur tray this morning! We learnt lots about all the outside textures and feels of leaves, stones and bark! This was a good activity too for the babies to learn that it’s okay to feed the dinosaurs the leaves but to not eat them themselves!

Spaghetti worms

This afternoon we have loved digging for ‘worms’ in Daisy Room. We had some spaghetti left over from lunch, and so I added some pink food colouring and added them to some dirt in the garden, and some tweezers, allowing the children to dig for worms. The children loved this activity and attempted to use the tweezers, as well as their hands to explore the spaghetti worms!

Shaving foam

We had so much fun in Daisy Room on Thursday last week, whilst exploring the shaving foam. We decided to try a science experiment, using clear jars and filling them with water, before adding shaving foam to the top. The children then used pipettes with support to squeeze different food colouring into the shaving foam. I encouraged the children to watch the jar as the droplets of colour began to fall through the shaving foam into the water like rain. The older children loved this activity and really engaged, listening to the instructions and although they needed a little bit of help, they showed a real interest. The younger ones loved watching the ‘rain’ fall through the ‘clouds’ too, and afterwards we added lots of shaving foam to the table to let all of the children explore!

Masking tape escape!

Daisy Room enjoyed helping to release the toys this afternoon! Somehow the toys got taped to the table and the children really enjoyed trying to release them. This is such a simple activity to get those little hands working and getting the children to develop their fine motor skills.