Monthly Archives: April 2021

Red nose day

Today in Poppy room we celebrated Red Nose Day by creating our own little red noses. The children enjoyed tearing and sticking the cotton wool as well as identifying the colour red. All the children loved finding their eyes and mouth and we learnt the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. They loved exploring the different textures of the cotton wool when dry and wet.

Easter tray

This morning we had fun exploring an Easter sensory tray in Daisy room. There were lots of different textures for the children to explore and they enjoyed finding the little eggs and flowers that were hiding in there too.


This week in Tulips we have been doing a lot of creative Easter activities. We started the week off with a bug hunt where we were lucky enough to spot a baby rabbit, we created beautiful daffodil paintings, made our own chocolate Easter nests and were even super lucky to find a ‘dinosaur egg’ which we carefully brought inside and painted. To finish off the week we have made Easter cards, iced and decorated cupcakes, gone on an Easter hunt to find all the eggs the rabbit has hidden and lots more.

Cancer research sponsored walk

To all of our meadows family, a massive thanksFrom our fancy dress walk and bake sale, we have raised an amazing £350 for cancer research ! Thankyou to all of our little ones for getting dressed up and thank you to all of our parents for your support and donations!


Cereal tray

We have enjoyed exploring a sensory farm tray this morning in Daisy room! I used a variety of cereal, such as weetabix for the hay bales and crispies, Cheerios and shreddies for the different areas for the animals. The children really enjoyed exploring the tray and moving the animals around, listening to the different sounds that were made as the animals stood on the different cereal. We also talked about the different noises the animals made, encouraging the children to imitate sounds and name animals that they were familiar with! The children played for such a long time and focussed throughout the activity.