Monthly Archives: March 2021

Football training

Sunflowers had the best time earlier doing their weekly football session with our very own FA qualified football coach. We learnt how to stop the ball, change direction with a ‘drag back’ and scored loads of brilliant goals!


This afternoon in Poppies we have been for a walk around the lane. We are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing views! The children loved seeing the tractors, sheep and diggers.

Baby spa

Bluebell room’s spa day is in full swing! We have enjoyed lots of relaxing and fun sensory experiences this morning including jelly slush, an ice tray with lemon and cucumber and a sensory light show! relaxinng The babies ready for sleep time soon! Then ready for more activities this afternoon!

Making pancakes

Yesterday Tulips enjoyed an outdoor cooking experience making pancakes on the stove for pancake day, we learnt some very important safety rules. Whilst cooking the children used some lovely describing words such as sizzle and bubbly the children also enjoyed choosing their toppings the favourite was chocolate sauce. In keeping with our pancake inspired day, after lunch the children had lots of fun exploring a citrus pancake day sensory tuft tray using real fruits.


Feeding the babies

We have some very hungry babies in poppy room this morning. We have quite a few children in the poppy room that are interested in baby role play so Kate decided to act on their interests and make up some weetabix so the children could feed the dolly’s some breakfast. They were also keen to clean them up after their messy breakfast


This morning preschool have had lots of fun getting messy and learning about space rockets. Preschool then created their own rockets using different shapes!


Play dough pancakes

Yesterday in Daisy room we enjoyed making play dough pancakes! We used play dough with added lemon flavouring, and I laminated a variety of different toppings, plates and frying pans for the children to explore as they played. The younger children enjoyed squashing and squeezing the play dough and the older children enjoyed labelling the fruit as they chose their toppings, and found it really funny as we attempted to ‘flip the pancakes’ using the laminated frying pan and small amounts of play dough. It also encouraged imaginative play as the children pretending to use the laminated spoons to feed themselves. The children had a great time!

Car tracks

A great activity that’s so simple and effective and keeps the children focussed every time! A masking tape road for the children to push their cars around on! We did this last week in Daisy room as the children really wanted the cars out and they loved it!