Monthly Archives: June 2020

Lollipop colours

Daisy room have enjoyed matching colours today. We drew around lollipop sticks before using the variety of different coloured lollipop sticks to match them. The older ones enjoyed exploring a wider variety of coloured sticks and for the younger ones, we placed just three different colours for the children to explore. All of the children really focussed throughout this activity.

Mixing colours

Preschool have been very busy exploring different ways of mixing colours and creating new ones. We used food colouring mixed with water in jugs and tubes to experiment with, then used different sized paintbrushes to mix our paints together and create our masterpieces!

Tractor tracks

Baby room have been making tractor tracks today in the flour! The babies had lots of fun rolling the tractors through the flour. They all have different tracks underneath their tyres, some leave animal footprints!

Colour matching

Tulips have been busy learning about colours today! They did this by matching different objects from around the room to the correct colour on the caterpillarĀ 🐛

Sensory fun

In tulips this afternoon they had great fun getting messy! They loved using different tools to investigate what marks they would leave in the flour. They also had lots of fun with different coloured paint and using our fingers to write our name in the paint!

Rainbow painting

We have done some painting today in baby room, making the most of our rainbow shaped table! The babies loved exploring the texture of the paint and shaving foam and mixing the colours together!